Eye of the Storm

I watch you sleep Your head on my lap My arm across your chest A simple moment A peaceful moment One of the happiest of my life Looking back I realize my idea of happiness had been skewed My joy was nothing more than an absence of fear The beauty of the moment is tainted... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Specials

Now, I do firmly believe that no topic is off limits when it comes to comedy. Like the best art, the best comedy holds a mirror up to society and forces us to take a good long look at ourselves. It’s controversial. It makes us think. It makes us analyze. It makes us question. That being said, a good comedian can do all of those things without actively engaging in bigotry. Dave Chappelle fell way short of that goal. In these specials there is little to no analysis or critical thinking when it comes to LGBTQ and trans rights - or at all for that matter. There’s no education. Essentially all that’s left is bullying.

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