A piece inspired by a person who is no longer a part of my life. A person who helped me change for the better


You reminded me of home
In all the best ways
The timbre of your voice as you sang my name
The melanin of your skin as it glistened in the summer sun
The genuineness of your smile as you watched me walk into a room
The warmth, the comfort, the firmness of your touch
The sincerity of your words when you told me you loved me
You were not my first lover
But you were the first I made love to
The first I had love with
The first to make me realize
I am special
You were the last time I allowed myself to be nothing more than sexy
And the first time I was so much more than beautiful
You gave me joy, and you gave me confidence
I relive that joy occasionally
And I relish that confidence daily
The confidence to pursue what I want
And to disregard what does not suit me
The confidence to deny the queendom you offered me
When I realized
A crown does not befit me
We were not meant to be
And though tears flowed for seemingly endless nights
Eventually they dried
The storm of emotions calmed
We moved on, we healed
I have settled into a new home
I choose to be alone here
But remnants of our past remain
Memories of your voice, your skin, your smile, your touch
The joy I relive occasionally
And the confidence I relish daily
But in this home, I sing my own name

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