I have a loose thread
Each time I notice it
I clip it, tuck it away, and hope it won’t spring loose again
It always does
I’m ripping apart at the seams
Beginning to unravel
Inch by inch, mile by mile
I watch the pieces of me fall to the floor
I try to pick myself back up
But I slip through my fingers
There goes my smile
And here lies my laugh
I lose hold of my hope
And am left only apathy with which to darn the damage
If I could, I would weave myself anew
Strong enough to withstand the harshness of the elements
Warm enough to ease the cold of lonely winter nights
Pretty enough to wear confidently on a balmy summer day
But I am not the seamstress I wish I were
I have not the steady hands to mend the tears left by fallen tears
But I try
I patch myself back together the best I can
And I pray these stitches hold
Just one more year
Just one more day
Just a little longer, I pray
Seemingly in vain
But I pray
I feel my binding slip and I watch my edges fray
Time is wearing thin
And so am I
Just a little longer
I pray these stitches hold
Just a little longer

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